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What goes into the perfect Gin & Tonic?

Nothing better than a light, refreshing G&T on a warm summer's day!

Follow these simple steps to make the perfect G&T:


  • Large highball or balloon glass
  • A handful of good quality ice cubes 
  • Bottle of your favourite gin
  • A fine, chilled tonic water (200ml bottles keep it fresh)
  • Fresh lime
  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board
  • Bottle opener
  • Long spoon/stirrer


1. Start with the lime and cut it into wedges. You can do this on the chopping board by slicing the fruit into two halves, then the halves into four wedges. You should end up with eight perfectly formed wedges. Place one in your glass with a little squeeze for a citrus flavour . 

2. Grab a bottle of your favourite gin and pour your desired amount into the glass. If you don't want to free-pour, grab a jigger and pour yourself 50ml for a double measure.

3. Fill the glass with the ice cubes and gently stir a few rotations.

4. Lastly, pour 100ml of your tonic over the ice. After the bubbles have settled, stir once more to mix the flavours. You can always add more ice cubes so the water level is closer to the rim of the glass. Add a second lime wedge on top for extra citrus and a great aesthetic.

5. Now, enjoy!



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We are a couple of gin enthusiasts inspired to bring you a collection of all things Gin. From reviews and cocktails to the perfect gin inspired gifts. We aim to offer our ginspirators (yes, we've coined the term) with a variety of gin inspired knowledge and products.

We are thrilled to show off our love for gin and assist you in curating the perfect gin-inspired gifts for the gin lovers in your life.. who said you can't buy gifts for yourself?!


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