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The Classic Gin Fizz Recipe

Both sweet and tart, the Gin Fizz is a classic, perfectly balanced cocktail. The simple recipe involves adding soda water to magically create a frothy egg white foaming top. The best part? It only takes 5 minutes to make! 

Here is what you'll need: your choice of gin, lime juice, maple syrup (or simple syrup), soda water, and an egg white. 

Fun fact: The first documented Gin Fizz comes from an 1876 cocktail recipe book. No wonder it has become so popular, it's the perfect sour gin cocktail with the signature frothy foam topping! 


Here are the Gin Fizz ingredients required:

  • Gin
  • Lemon
  • Maple syrup (or simple syrup) 
  • Egg white (or Aquafaba- more on that below!)
  • Soda water (bonus if you make it yourself) 

How to make a gin fizz cocktail

How to make a Gin Fizz? Simple shake together the gin, fresh lemon juice, syrup, and egg white in a cocktail shaker without ice, then add ice and pour it into two glasses. 

Next, top off each glass with soda water and watch the magic happen. The carbonation from the soda water combined with the egg white make the frothy foam topping.

The Trick: A Dry Shake

The trick to to obtaining the perfect foam topping is a dry shake. For a Dry Shake, you shake the drink ingredients without ice. By doing this, the protein in the egg begins to foam instead of being diluted by the melted ice. Next, add ice and shake a second time. This cools down the drink and strengthens the foam. 


What if I am a vegan?

Not to worry! There is a substitute to creating the signature foaming top that does not contain animal products. The answer is Aquafaba, the perfect vegan egg white substitute in cocktails. Aquafaba is simply the starchy liquid found in a can of chickpeas. For all the plant-based eaters out there, now you too can indulge in the frothy foam toppings by using 2 tablespoons of aquafaba when the recipe calls for 1 egg white. 

Let us know if you've tried our recipe in the comments below! 

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