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For the Ginfluencer in You

Dedicated to all things Gin. From reviews and cocktail recipes to the perfect gin-inspired gifts

9 Reasons Why Gin Drinkers Are Great People

We love drinking Gin for many reasons and we love others who also share our passion. Here are 10 reasons why…

  1. We love trying new things

There are hundreds of different gins and even though we may have our favourites, we love to try new ones

  1. We love to experiment

Gins, tonics and gin cocktails are plentiful and we love to be creative with different combinations and styles

  1. We always have fun things to do

From gin festivals, to new gin bars, there’s always exciting gin-related activities

  1. We are versatile

There are numerous ways we can enjoy gin, from a G&T cake to ice lollies

  1. We love big names as well as small ones

We’re more than happy to try gins from well-known brands, such as Hendrick’s as well as local craft distilleries

  1. We can make a drink look beautiful

We take pleasure and pride in creating drinks with complementing flavours and garnishes

  1. Family & Friends know how to treat us

From buying our favourite bottle of gin, to buying all kinds of amazing gin-related gifts (check out Ginuine Gifts)

  1. We appreciate stunning gin bottles

And maybe we even reuse them as candle holders or flower pots

  1. We love sharing our passion with others

And that is why we have created this space for all gin-lovers alike to share recipes, reviews and to treat yourself and others to Ginuine Gifts

About Us

We are a couple of gin enthusiasts inspired to bring you a collection of all things Gin. From reviews and cocktails to the perfect gin inspired gifts. We aim to offer our ginspirators (yes, we've coined the term) with a variety of gin inspired knowledge and products.

We are thrilled to show off our love for gin and assist you in curating the perfect gin-inspired gifts for the gin lovers in your life.. who said you can't buy gifts for yourself?!


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