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10 Gin Garnishes You Should Try

I’m sure we’re all used to the classic lemon or lime, or even a cucumber. But here we have a list of 10 unusual and exciting garnishes that will enhance the flavours of each individual gin…

  1. Black Pepper – Some black peppercorns to add a little heat and spice
  2. Cinnamon – For a Christmas style G&T, add some orange slices, a pinch of nutmeg and garnish with a cinnamon stick
  3. Fresh Chilli -  Make sure you de-seed and cut off the pith first, but adding a lice or two of fresh red chilli will add warmth to your drink
  4. Coriander – The citrus flavour of this herb is very complementary, and you can pair it with lime and/or fresh red or green chill for a zingy flavour
  5. Lemongrass – Strip away the outer leaves and take a few inner stalks and it works similar to other citrus garnishes
  6. Rhubarb – Can be used as sticks or thin slices for a scarlet-pink colour and a tart flavour
  7. Rosemary – Pairs brilliantly with juniper and adds a powerful savoury note to the gin. Recommended to use a sprig with a slice or orange or grapefruit
  8. Basil – We suggest muddling this with strawberries, or mint and cucumber, for a full and flavoursome gin and tonic
  9. Lavender – This adds a heavy perfume that enhances the flavours or gin immensely. It pairs well with lemon too
  10. Star Anise – It has a liquorice or fennel taste and goes very well with gin. Pairs well with a few slices of apple and a cinnamon stick

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We are thrilled to show off our love for gin and assist you in curating the perfect gin-inspired gifts for the gin lovers in your life.. who said you can't buy gifts for yourself?!


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